Sep 22

Cutler Bros. Creepshow Returns in October





The Cutler Bros. Creepshow is returning this October!  It will take place:  October 23, 24, 25, 30, and 31 at the Old Prison Museum.  Tickets are $10 at the door. Tours begin at 7:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm . It’s an interactive haunted house with audience suggestions and choose your own adventure.

Sep 03

Cutler Bros. Performing at Fall Fest!

zComedy Fest

On Friday, September 12th and Saturday September 13th, Montana’s best theater company will be performing at Scotty’s Bar as part of the annual Fall Fest in Deer Lodge, Montana.  The performances will provide a combination of Montanan comedians – John Howard, Michael Beers (Missoula), and Charlie Mulluk (Bozeman), and live improv by the renowned Cutler Bros. team: Das Froot.  Tickets can be purchased with Dark Mountain Cirkus or at the door. Stay tuned for specific performance times!

Aug 11

Cutler Bros. 7th Annual Awards Banquet



Cutler Brother’s 7th annual Awards Banquet will be held on Sunday, August 24th at the Deer Park Golf Course outside of Deer Lodge, Montana. Cocktails will begin at 6:00 pm followed by dinner at 7:00 pm and the awards at 8:00 pm. This is a formal event to honor all of the 2014 acting participants in Cutler Brothers Productions summer theater season. Its wicked good fun and nobody should miss! We eat, party, show amazing clips of the season, laugh and cry! It’s basically just another performance. $20 to attend the dinner. Reserve a week prior to the banquet.


Please fill out the ballot below after reading these rules and regulations:

  1. Nominations are cast by the Cutler family based off of what they value in performers and performances. This includes talents, dedication, good attitudes, rehearsal attendance, and professionalism.
  2. You can only vote if you’ve seen or participated in all 3 main summer shows. This includes “Cinderella,” “Of Mice and Men,” and “Guys and Dolls”
  3. Votes are tallied as follows:
    1. 50% of the vote comes from patrons and season ticket holders.
    2. 25% of the vote comes from actors, musicians, and tech people that participated in at least 1 show but saw the other 2.
    3. 25% of the vote comes from Cutler Brothers Productions
  4. You can only vote once and for one person.
  5. Voting closes a week before the banquet.
  6. The banquet is formal attire.
  7. Cutlers cannot win awards. This banquet is to honor all of you!
  8. Must prepare a speech in case you win.

Name: (need or ballot won’t count)_____________________________________


*circle 1 in each category


Peter Schoening – Prince – Cinderella                        Zane Cozby – Lennie – Of Mice and Men

John Knispel – Sky Masterson – Guys and Dolls            Kelly Cutler – George – Of Mice and Men



Annmarie Downey – Cinderella – Cinderella                        Annmarie Downey – Curley’s Wife – Of Mice

Melissa Titeca – Sarah Brown – Guys and Dolls



Neiman Wilson – Lionel – Cinderella                                    Jim Cameron – Candy – Of Mice and Men

Stuart Jewell – Nathan Detroit – Guys and Dolls



Renee Schoening – Fairy Godmother – Cinderella            Solveig Munson – Adelaide – Guys and Dolls

Cheri Taylor – Stepmother – Cinderella



Stuart Jewell – Slim – Of Mice and Men                        Kyle Gillette – King – Cinderella

Muriuh Alexander – Queen – Cinderella                        Marquis Archuleta – Crooks – Of Mice

Lewis Smith – Arvide – Guys and Dolls                        Marquis Archuleta – Benny – Guys and Dolls



Martin Reap – Guys and Dolls                                                Sarah Tilley – Guys and Dolls

Rachel Kersch – Cinderella, Guys and Dolls                        Maggie Chrisman – Cinderella

Josh Pentland – Guys and Dolls



Marquis Archuleta – Mice, Guys and Dolls                        Melissa Titeca – Cinderella, Guys and Dolls

Neiman Wilson – Cinderella                                                Martin Reap – Mice, Guys and Dolls

Tristan Marjerison – Guys and Dolls                                    Sierra Jette – Cinderella



Marquis Archuleta – Guys and Dolls                                    Martin Reap – Guys and Dolls

Annmarie Downey – Guys and Dolls                                    Rachel Kersch – Guys and Dolls



Jenn Logan – Stepsister Joy – Cinderella                        Sarah Tilley – Stepsister Grace – Cinderella

Cheri Taylor – Stepmother – Cinderella                        Matthew Cutler – Curley – Of Mice and Men

Jim Cameron – Big Jule – Guys and Dolls



Annmarie Downey – Cinderella – Cinderella                        Annmarie Downey – Curley’s Wife – Of Mice

Zane Cozby – Lennie – Of Mice and Men                        Jim Cameron – Candy – Of Mice and Men

Kelly Cutler – George – Of Mice and Men                        Stuart Jewell – Slim – Of Mice and Men

Melissa Titeca – Sarah – Guys and Dolls                        John Knispel – Sky – Guys and Dolls



Kyle Gillette – King – Cinderella                                    Cheri Taylor – Stepmother – Cinderella

Sarah Tilley – Stepsister Grace – Cinderella                        Jenn Logan – Stepsister Joy – Cinderella

Zane Cozby – Lennie – Of Mice and Men                        Stuart Jewell – Nathan Detroit – Guys/Dolls

Solveig Munson – Adelaide – Guys and Dolls                        Matthew Cutler – Harry the Horse – Guys



Annmarie Downey – Cinderella, Curley’s Wife, Dancer – Cinderella, Mice, Guys and Dolls

Marquis Archuleta – Crooks, Benny Southstreet – Mice, Guys and Dolls

Jim Cameron –Villager, Candy, Big Jule – Cinderella, Mice, Guys and Dolls

Jim Tilley – Butcher, Carlson, Lt. Brannigan – Cinderella, Mice, Guys and Dolls




Josh Pentland                        Theresa Cameron                        Jim Cameron                        Patrice Downey

Stuart Jewell                        Laurie Pentland                        Marquis Archuleta            Grant Sitler





Grant Sitler – Trombone – Cinderella, Guys                        April Kersch – Flute – Cinderella, Guys

Sean Wells – Bass – Cinderella, Guys                                    Landon Dooley – Drums – Cinderella, Guys

Sara Mosier – Trumpet – Cinderella, Guys



Nora Spring – Became a Villager in Cinderella

Marquis Archuleta – Benny Southstreet in Guys and Dolls

Jim Cameron – Candy in Of Mice and Men

Martin Reap – Whit in Mice and dancer in Guys and Dolls

Patrice Downey – Costumes, Housing

Lewis Smith – Arvide – Guys and Dolls



Rex Kendall – Certain Of Mice and Men performances

Annmarie Downey – Hair caught in crown in Cinderella

Rob Kersch – lights going out during Cinderella (not technically his fault)

Kelly Cutler – Throwing three pages of music during Cinderella

Tina Saville – Tripping on stage

Josh Pentland – Split crotch out of pants in Guys and Dolls

Marin Sewell – Demolishing a chair in Guys and Dolls

Butch Cutler – Announcing an early intermission in Cinderella



Zane Cozby & Kelly Cutler – George and Lennie – Of Mice and Men

Annmarie Downey & Peter Schoening – Cinderella and Prince – Cinderella

Solveig Munson & Stuart Jewell – Adelaide and Nathan – Guys and Dolls

Melissa Titeca & John Knispel – Sarah and Sky – Guys and Dolls



John Knispel – Sky Masterson – Guys and Dolls                        Melissa Titeca – Sarah – Guys/Dolls

Annmarie Downey – Cinderella – Cinderella                                    Solveig Munson – Adelaide – Guys

Peter Schoening – Prince – Cinderella                                    Renee Schoening – Fairy – Cinderella

Kelly Cutler – Nicely-Nicely – Guys and Dolls



Cinderella                        Of Mice and Men                        Guys and Dolls


Mail or drop ballot off at:

Cutler Brothers Awards

301 ½ Main Street

Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Aug 09

Comedy Night 26 Hits Cutler Bros. Theater!


Cutler Brothers Productions will present their 26th Comedy Night on Thursday, August 14th at 8:00 pm. Comedy Night takes on the format of New York’s “Saturday Night Live,” which is an improv-sketch show with a musical guest and a special celebrity host. Cutler Brothers find their special guest hosts and musical guests from the Deer Lodge Valley, Anaconda, Butte, and Missoula. This year’s host will be Jim Decker of Deer Lodge with musical guest Dark Mountain Cirkus.

Cutler Brothers Productions have been writing their comedy sketch show for over ten years now and they estimate to have written over 250 original sketches, complete with sets and costumes. Sketches for Comedy Night 26 include “The Twilight Zone,” “Saw X,” “Strike 3 You’re Out…ish,” “The Strangjeers,” and many more. Kelly and Matthew Cutler write the entire show.

The cast of Comedy Night 26 ranges in actors from Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Butte, and Great Falls. Carin Sullivan, a popular voice of Butte radio, will grace the Cutler Bros. stage as well as University of Montana theater major Marquis Dijon Archuleta. Other performers include comedy night regulars Kelly and Matthew Cutler, Jim H. Tilley, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Stuart Jewell, Jenn Logan, and Crystal Curlin. Making their debut in Comedy Night is Martin Reap and “Cinderella” star Annmarie Downey.


For tickets to Comedy Night 26 contact the Cutler Bros. Box Office at (406) 846-4115. Tickets are $10 and reservations are highly recommended. For further information, directions, or questions visit

Jul 29

“Guys and Dolls” rocks Montana Theater!

Guys and Dolls pub picCutler Brothers Productions in Deer Lodge, one of the best Montana summer theaters, opened the timeless classic “Guys and Dolls,” this past week to stunning reviews!  One avid theater-goer from Georgia exclaimed after the show, “The entire city of Atlanta could not put on a show to this caliber!”  The Frank Loesser musical is a toe-tapping romp with familiar tunes, comedic storylines, and sentoimental flares.  The popular show is based on two short stories by David Runyon and also borrows characters and plot elements from other Runyon writings.

“Guys and Dolls” follows the notorious gambling promoter Nathan Detroit (Stuart Jewell) as he tries to find a place for his crap game and eludes the marital question from his fourteen year fiancé Adelaid (Solveig Munson).  Nathan’s friends Nicely-Nicely Johnson (Kelly Cutler) and Benny Southstreet (Marquis Archuleta) assist in setting up the game at the Biltmore Garage.  Nathan Detroit was originally played by the 1950’s star Frank Sinatra.

In order to pay for his crap game Nathan hits up an old gambling buddy named Sky Masteron (John Knispel).  Nathan makes a bet with Sky that he can’t take a certain doll to Havana with him, that certain doll being the stuck up mission girl Sarah Brown (Mellissa Titeca).  After successfully taking Miss Brown to Havana, Sky finds out that he loves her and confesses that the whole operation was a bet.  Sky Masterson was originally played by Marlon Brando.

“Guys and Dolls” is filled with popular musical numbers including “Bushel and a Peck,” “Fugue of the Tinhorns,” and “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat.”  The Deer Lodge-based cast is filled with solid thespians from Deer Lodge, Butte, Missoula, and Great Falls.  Several actors seen in Cutler Bros. “Cinderella” and “Of Mice and Men” returned to the stage in the musical.

“Guys and Dolls” runs July 23rd – August 10th with shows Wednesday – Saturday’s @ 7:30 pm and Sunday’s at 2:00 pm.  There will be no shows Thursday, July 31st – Tuesday, August 5th.  Tickets are $12 with a reservation and all shows will take place at Cutler Bros. Theater in Deer Lodge, Montana.  For reservations, questions, or directions call the Cutler Bros. box office at (406) 846-4115 or visit

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