Apr 13

Western Montana Comedy Show Hits Cutler Bros. Theater

comedy in April

Cutler Brothers Productions in Deer Lodge will host the Western Montana Comedy Show on Friday, April 17th at 9:00 pm. The show will take place at Cutler Bros. Theatre on Main Street and a no-host bar will be available prior to and after the comedy show.

Comedians from all over the state will grace the Cutler Brother’s stage and deliver their well-polished stand-up comedy routines which have been rehearsed all over the Midwest and in Canada. Comedians include Montana’s very own Zack Jarvis, Rochelle Cote and Nico Rivera as well as California native Matthew Cuddleup Kettlehake. The evening will be hosted by Missoula’s very own Brian Kuntz.

“I’ve seen most of these guys perform once or twice before,” said Cutler Brother’s owner Kelly Cutler. “They really have some comedy chops and I see them quickly making their way up the stand-up food chain.”

Tickets for the Western Montana Comedy Show are $10 and may be purchased at the door or reserved by calling the Cutler Brother’s Box Office at (406) 846-4096. For more information visit cutlerbros.com.

Feb 09

Valentine’s Day Comedy Night 28!

Valentine's Day

Cutler Bros. Productions will give their gift of laughter this Valentine’s Day as they present their 28th Comedy Night in the series on February 14th at 9:00 pm. This will be the Cutler Bros.’ 4th Valentine’s Day performance in a row as the theater plans to make the lover’s holiday an annual event such as their Christmas Comedy Night.

The Valentine’s Day Comedy Night takes on the normal form of the Cutler Brother’s comedy show. It is styled like that of Saturday Night Live and the sketches focus primarily on stories of the heart. Skits this Valentine’s Day include spoofs on “Friday the 13th,” “The Feral King,” and “Old Boyfriends.” Kelly Cutler and Zane Cozby will revive their roles from the hit drama “Of Mice and Men” which they performed in June of last year.

Other cast members include Butte’s own Carin Sullivan, Matthew Cutler, Rex Kendall, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Jim Tilley, Jenn Logan, Annmarie Downey, Martin Reap, Tina Saville, and Kyle Gillette. Hosting the evening’s events will be Deer Lodge assistant football coach Corey Freeman. “It’s crazy to see the behind the scenes stuff after attending comedy night for years,” said Freeman. “The cast comes in, laughs like crazy, and then rehearsal is over,” he added.

The Valentine’s Day Comedy Night will be Cutler Bros. grand reopening. The production company has undergone a major rearranging and the theater looks completely different. “We encourage people to come check out our new facility on Valentine’s Day,” said the show’s director Kelly Cutler. He added, “We’ve made a lot of changes to make our performances more enjoyable and comfortable for our audiences.”

Tickets for Cutler Bros. Valentine’s Day show are $15 and may be purchased at the door or by calling Muriuh’s restaurant at 846-4181. Tickets may also be reserved by calling Cutler Bros. Box Office at 846-3543. The Valentine’s show will take place at Cutler Bros. Theater in Deer Lodge. For more information please visit cutlerbros.com.

Jan 13

2015 Summer Theater Auditions Announced!

Cutler Bros Auditions

Award winners from last year’s Summer Theater program at the Annual Cutler Bros. Awards Banquet.

Cutler Brothers Productions in Deer Lodge will hold auditions for their 2015 Summer Theater lineup on Sunday, February 8th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with callbacks to follow that evening. Audition-hopefuls are asked to prepare a one minute song and a one minute monologue to show off their vocal range and their acting capabilities. Children may prepare a simple joke for their audition. An accompanist will be available for those that have sheet music. Auditionees may show up at any time to reserve an audition slot.

The Cutler Brother’s 2015 lineup includes Broadway musicals “Mary Poppins” and “Chicago,” as well as the intense drama “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The production company will be auditioning for all parts and encourages any interested parties to come speak with the directors. “We don’t want people intimidated by the audition process,” said Cutler Brother’s director Kelly Cutler. He added, “If you’re interested in any facet of theater from acting on stage to even painting sets we encourage you to come talk with us.”

The timeless tale “Mary Poppins” will be serving up a spoonful of sugar from May 1st to May 17th. “To Kill a Mockingbird” will rattle audience emotions in June 2015 while the hit classic of murder and proclaimed innocence “Chicago” will run July to August 2015. All shows have a one to two month rehearsal process prior to opening night.

Cutler Brother’s Theater has undergone a major rearranging to better assist audiences for the 2015 season. “The theater looks brand spanking new,” announced long time Cutler Bros. thespian Jim G. Tilley. He added, “Deer Lodge is just a big family of actors that always looks to welcome new blood.”

For more information on Cutler Brother’s 2015 Summer Theater Auditions call (406) 846-3543 or visit cutlerbros.com. Auditionees need to bring loose, comfortable clothing and shoes they can dance in. Call-backs will be that evening and will be show specific.

Dec 19

Christmas Comedy Night to Bring the Laughs this Holiday Season!


Cutler Brothers Productions in Deer Lodge will present their Christmas Comedy Night, the 27th in the series, on Tuesday, December 23rd at 8:00 pm. Comedy Night, which takes on a Saturday Night Live structure, began for the Cutler Brothers in 2003. Since that time the brothers have written the comedy sketch show for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, summer festivities, and other themed events.

Comedy Night 27 will host a cast of local favorites including Kelly and Matthew Cutler, mayor Zane Cozby, Rex Kendall, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Jim Tilley, Jake Davenport, Jenn Logan, Carin Sullivan, Annmarie Downey, Tina Saville, and Stuart Jewell. Hosting the night will be Deer Lodge city councilman Terry Jennings.

The Cutler Brother’s coming comedy night will highlight present, past, and future material. Sketches include spoofs on Sesame Street and Glee, mystery Christmas presents, wedding vows, mall Santas, and more. The beloved Comedy Night News will be hosted by Kelly Cutler and Jenn Logan. “We’ve been producing Comedy Night for over ten years and the cast has just gotten better and better,” said the show’s director and creator Kelly Cutler. Long time Deer Lodge thespian Jim P. Tilley added, “It’s like the great years of SNL. We’re all on the same page.”

For ticket reservations ($10-$15) to Comedy Night or more information call the Cutler Brother’s box office at (406) 846-4115 or visit cutlerbros.com.



Dec 15

Give the Gift of Laughter this Christmas!


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