Oct 20

Scare Nights planned in Deer Lodge

Haunted Prison Creepshow

By Pat Hansen, for The Montana Standard

An eerie and terrifying time is expected at the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge during Haunted House Scare Nights.

Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation and Cutler Brothers Co. are creating the most frightening experience ever for Scare Nights in the Cell Block and Maximum Security to be held from 7 p.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday, October 23-24,  and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Oct. 29, 30, 31. Live music and food vendors will be in the prison yard.

The Cell Block Scare is open to anyone over 12 years of age for $10 per person.

New this year is MAX SCARE, “the scare of a lifetime,”  in Maximum Security for people 16 and older. Reservations are required and will be issued on a first come, first served basis for $15 per person. Call 406-846-3111.

No one under 12 years old will be allowed in the prison yard. However, there will be a Haunted House Creep Show at the PEN across the street for kids 12 and under; cost $5 per person.

Babysitting is available for haunted house attendees from 8 to 10 p.m. at the PEN.


Aug 31

Cutler Bros. Casts Ghost Adventures Episode on Travel Channel

Jim Buck and Jim Tilley, pose for a photo after their shoot of Ghost Adventures inside the Old Montana State Prison.

Jim Buck and Jim Tilley, pose for a photo after their shoot of Ghost Adventures inside the Old Montana State Prison.

Several Cutler Bros. actors played major roles in a “Ghost Adventures” episode that aired this past weekend on the Travel Channel.  The show is about several so-called ghost-hunters that investigate creepy haunted places for paranormal activity.  This particular episode was about the Old Montana State Prison, where the ghost crew was locked in for an entire night with just a few cameras.

Each episode shows re-enactments of past events that lead to the location being haunted.  In this case, it was the 1959 riot where Jerry Myles and his boyfriend started a prison riot.  Tilley and Buck played the roles of Myles and the boyfriend in the staged re-enactments.

For more on the 1959 Prison Riot, check out:



Jim Tilley losing his mind as a ghost.

To watch the episode:


Aug 10

Comedy Night 29 this Thursday!


Comedy Night 29 will conclude the Cutler Brother’s summer theatre season in Deer Lodge. Comedy Night is the brainchild of the Cutler brothers and it takes on an SNL-styled format featuring a special guest host, a musical guest, and several off the wall sketches. Kelly and Matthew Cutler, the directors and writers, have prepared a cast of 16 individuals and 9 sketches for Comedy Night 29.

Featured in Comedy Night 29 are several local favorites as well as several familiar faces from the 2015 summer theatre season. Kyler Knoel, who first started acting this July in “Chicago,” will serve as special guest host for Comedy Night 29. Local comedians include Jenn Logan, Jim and Theresa Cameron, Annmarie Downey, Martin Reap, Jim P. Tilley, Rex Kendall, and mayor Zane Cozby. Stuart Jewell, who was last seen in Cutler Brother’s “Guys and Dolls” in 2014, will also join the cast this summer.


Several resident actors will also try their hand in Cutler Brother’s 29th Comedy Night. “Chicago” dancers Heather Bach, Carrissa Lund, and Sarah Ottley will show their comedic chops and studied timing. Ottley recently played Roxie Hart in Cutler Brother’s “Chicago.” Anaconda actress and Cutler Brother veteran Carin Sullivan will also grace the stage. Rounding out the cast is University of Montana’s Marquis Archuleta. Archuleta played the role of Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird” this past June.

Summer Comedy Night sketches often poke fun and play off of the Cutler Brother’s main stage season. Sketches include several spoofs on “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Chicago.” Audience members will enjoy a male version of the hit Broadway classic “Cell Block Tango” as well as some fun acting-play with the characters Billy Flynn and Atticus Finch, roles played by Kelly and Matthew Cutler. Further sketches include “Bring your Parent to School Day,” “A Needy House Guest,” “The Veterinary,” and the beloved Comedy Night News.

Comedy Night 29 will play on the Cutler Brothers stage in Deer Lodge on Thursday, August 13th at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $10-$15 and may be reserved by calling the Cutler Brother’s box office at (406) 846-4096. For further questions or directions call the box office or visit cutlerbros.com.

Jul 31

Chicago Caught on Camera

Only two weekends left to catch the phenomenal Chicago put on by Cuter Bros.  Click the photo below to see more pictures of the show.



Jul 28

Chicago Rocks Cutler Bros. Theater


By Rex Kendall

‘Chicago’ continues this Friday, July 31st on the Cutler stage and will mark the last big musical of the Cutler Bros. summer season.

If you’re not familiar with the story or the award winning movie that followed the award winning Broadway production, expect a rare, extravaganza that looks at the concepts of law and justice and is one of the few musicals that provide the audience with something to think about the next day.

Bob Fosse, Fred Ebb and John Kander’s musical premiered on Broadway in 1975, giving life to newspaper stories of political corruption, murder, greed, and treachery in Chicago circa 1920. The show won every conceivable award plays can win and has been called by many ‘the best musical ever made.’
In 2002, it was made into an Academy Award winning movie starring Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere.

Theatrical razzle-dazzle moves this coldly comic story of two murderesses who parlay the lurid press coverage of their crimes into a vaudeville career.  In the Cutler Bros. production, the heroine, Roxie Hart is played by University of Montana theatre major Sarah Ottley.

Roxie never hesitates to do whatever she has to in order to win an acquittal in her murder trial. She’s married to a chump named Amos who is basically the only honest one in the lot. Amos, portrayed by Kelly Cutler, plays a fool at best, an insensitive clod at worst, and a wimp the rest of the time. It’s in their sneaky dealings with each other that these characters really shine.  Roxie shoots her lover, Fred Casely, played by the redoubtable Marquis Archuleta, who made the fatal error of attempting to walk out on her.

Roxie tries to convince Amos to take the blame. When that doesn’t work out, she learns to play the corrupt judicial system with a virtuosity of a Horowitz. In prison, awaiting trial, she meets Velma Kelly, another murderess, who has learned to use the system to beat the system. They share a lawyer, Billy Flynn, who is as corrupt as they are. Together they shimmy and slime their way through the corrupt system.

Top dog inmate Velma is played by Cutler Brother’s veteran Mariann Woods (Cameron), most recently been seen on the stages at Port Polson. Matt Cutler slimes his way through the role of Billy Flynn.
Hart and Kelly develop a fierce rivalry under the watchful eyes of the prison Matron (Cutler veteran Muriah Buck of Deer Lodge).  ‘Chicago” is the dancingest show the Cutler Brothers have produced in a long time, and while the choreographers, Carrisa Marie Lund, Heather Bach and Kelly Cutler remain true to Bob Fosse’s signature bump-and-grind routines, they have made their own creative contributions to the show.

We choreographed the show to the cast’s strengths while staying true to Fosse’s flair. The numbers have very distinct Fosse-esk moves along with more modern styles of dance. The cast was wonderful to work with as we pushed them to perform steps that they weren’t used to. I’d say this level of dance is new for the community, but everything certainly came together,” said Bach, “What we choreographed isn’t easy to learn, so the fact that we were able to accomplish this in the rehearsal time that we had is impressive. Our audiences will not be able to tell how much hard work went into these numbers, which really shows we have a marvelous cast.”
Director Cutler said he’s amazed with the talent of the cast.

“I can see why dance choreography took such a hard physical and emotional toll on Bob Fosse,” said Cutler, “I’ve choreographed a lot of routines over the years, but this is the pinnacle. Every move has to be blocked just right. The timing and the incredible score have to be totally symbiotic. The athletic and artistic demands on the actors huge; they really have become one big, writhing, singing, dancing animal. They blow me away.”
For the finale, Roxie and Velma team up to put on a stage show and receive the gratifying attention they both crave.
The “Chicago” cast boasts twenty plus actors and a full eight piece orchestra to boom out the dance numbers. Several song favorites from the movie are also in the stage version including “Give Them the Old Razzle Dazzle,” “All that Jazz,” “Mr. Cellophane,” and the notorious “Cell Block Tango.”
“The music alone is worth the trip to the theatre,” said Director Cutler.

“Chicago” will run on the Cutler Brother’s stage from July 24 to August 9. Performances are every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $15 for general admission and reservations are highly recommended due to limited seating space. Call the Cutler Brother’s Box Office at (406) 846-4096 to reserve seats or if you have questions. For further information visit cutlerbros.com.

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